Tiramisu                                                                             $3.99

   A light Italian dessert made from Espresso soaked lady fingers

    layered with cocoa and sweet Italian mascarpone, topped with a

   dollop of whipped cream.

New York Cheesecake                                                        $3.99

   An old fashioned New York style cheesecake made with the finest


Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie                                               $3.99

   Delicious creamy cheesecake in graham cracker crust topped with

    melted chocolate and chunks of peanut butter cups

3-D Chocolate Cake                                                           $3.99

   Rich chocolate cake covered in creamy chocolate fudge frosting,

    a chocolate lovers delight!

Homemade Cannoli                                                            $2.99

   A delicate pasty shell with sweet, creamy filling garnished with

​   semi-sweet chocolate

Rocky's NY     Pizza

​Italian Restaurant